Shopping online Successfully

Online Shopping Shopping Online Shopping online Successfully

Shopping online Successfully

There are ways that you can shop online with satisfaction. Here is a break- down of types of fabric that can help you when purchasing any products, especially for women's clothes.

I always take into consideration:

1. Quality of the fabric.

2. The outfit must be well-tailored.

3. The body-con or bandage dress should sit comfortably

4.  Soft material or stiff material, I look for a good fit

Here is the list of materials that can assist you when making an order:

 (a)  Denim is a family of cotton which produces a diagonal ribbing  because of the weaving. It is very stiff and sturdy. This is one of the reason that it is so widely use to make jeans                        

 (b)   Flannel is light in weight and great for cold-weather clothing. It can be from wool, cotton ,or synthetic fiber. The majority of winter clothing is flannel.

 (c)    Linen is also a lightweight fabric that breathes well in hot weather. The problem with linen it wrinkles easily and require gentle washing. It can be machine wash with a mild detergent on a delicate or short cycle in cold water. Hand washing will prolong the life of your garment. Some people are cautious and usually carry it to the laundry.

 (d)    Polyester is very comfortable, washes well,  and does not require special care  There are polyesters blended with knits and very rarely fade. The fabrics does not breathe as well as cotton.

  (e)   Satin is a lightweight or heavyweight, It is glossy, and it is used mostly for drapes, although fashion designers sometimes use it to make evening gowns.

  (f)    Silk  is incredibly smooth and lustrous. It is lightweight , flows and, is ideal for draping and lining.

  (g)   Spandex is a synthetic fiber that stretches well and is used mostly for exercise clothes. Recently they are using them for skinny jeans and body form.

  (h)  Chiffon is one of the most popular fabrics used by seamstress, factory, and clothes designers because of the resilience. Popular with fashion designers because it is breathable, low in pilling, bubbling, and heat retention. Recommended to hand wash in cold water or carry it to your laundry.

I hope this information will assist you in your online shopping. The information on the fabric will help you to check for the product fabric. Women items always state the type of material.

My next blog is "Advantage and Disadvantage of shopping online".


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