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Shopping online has become very popular. Some of the reason is because of the Covid-19, but it was well established before by the younger generation. As COVID-19 arrives, shopping online has become very popular with all ages.

Some people are hesitant to shop online, and some of the complaints are:

1.   I like to touch and feel the quality.

A.   Although you would like to see, you would have to visualize your fit

2.    I am not sure if I can trust the online store with my credit card.

A.    On the address bar, there is a lock icon, which stands for SSL (Secure Socket Layer). No third party can eavesdrop on any transmittance and view any data on my site. Your credit card is secure.  I have apps installed on my store to detect any fraudulent behavior. The protected apps that I have on my store notify me in minutes when the fraud occurred. I never had any information taken from my store to commit fraud.

3.    Shipping cost for delivery. Slow delivery.

A.    SHIPPING TAKES 5-16 DAYS. Some of my final prices include shipping costs. If customers would like quick delivery, that can become very costly. Sometimes the shipping costs more than the merchandise. That can be arranged to have fast delivery, but you will have to notify me that is what you wanted. I try not to do that because it not feasible for the customer.

4.   I do not carry designers products because some of the products could be knockoff.

A.    The knockoff is copies of designer clothes. I do not carry designer clothes.

5.      The quality of the merchandise.

A.       My main priority for installing merchandise in my store is the quality, fast shipping, and also the tailoring of the product. Remember the type of material that makes up good quality is the type of fabric that is used. I will give you some descriptions of all types of fabric in my next blog..

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