• Q.How do you know which manufacturer to install their products on your store?
  • A. I pay very close attention to the reviews. All of my products have reviews of 4 to 5 stars. The main things that I check are the shipping and quality.
  •          Q. From which country does your merchandise come?

              1. A. My products are from Turkey, China, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the USA, and Canada.

            Q. Do you indicate on your products from which country the          merchandise arrives?

              1. A. No. My products are not country sorted.

             Q. How can I return a product?

              1. A. You have 30 days upon receiving the parcel. It should return undamaged.

             Q. What address should we return the merchandise?

              1. A. You should pay close attention to the address. The images that carry    the name of my website should return to me. Check the refund policy: my address is there.  Sometime  the direction for a return merchandise is at the bottom of the description.

              Q. Do you give a discount on your merchandise?

              1. A. I give a discount of 5% to 15% depending on the total cost. Some are one per customer or two. The deal usually lasts for a month. If it is the vendor that is offering the discount, I have no control over how long it will remain as a special. I try to give the same % discount that the vendor is offering.

              Q. How can I trust that my credit card is safe in your online store?

              1. A. I am with Shopify, a trusted company. As a store owner, I have to protect my store from fraud. I have compelling apps that detect fraudulent sales within minutes. And I will refund the card immediately, and the customer will never receive the merchandise.


    My blog will explain how to shop on line, carefully explaining how to choose your merchandise. That is coming soon.


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