About Us

My name is Leotta and I decided to open this online store catering to women and teens. My store carries everything a women will need in her life time.The choosing of my products are time consuming because I goes for quality and not quantity.

I realize that some women find it difficult to walk into a store and find clothes that is very attractive and appealing to them. I am referring to the heavy set women and even the petite which I find that majority of their clothes can be very dull and do not let them really shine.

I decided to solve that problem because the majority of my clothes come in sizes from S to XXXL and the beauty of online shopping is you have the time to look through everything without have some store clerk breathing down your neck.

I am a part time Seamtress and I must admit that using online shopping serve very well for everyone even the tinyΒ figure to the heavy set women.

I carries everything at a very reasonable price. I carry products that are practical for everyday wear or for special occasion. I am station in Canada. This store was open this year and products are frequently added and update.

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