Advantage and Disadvantage of online shopping

   Advantage and Disadvantage of online shopping


  1. Save time and efforts
  2. The convenience of shopping at home
  3. A wide variety of products are available
  4. Lots of discounts lower the price
  5. Get detailed information about the products


  1. Improper display of merchandise
  2. Looking for sales assistance
  3. Where to find the items you are looking for
  4. The annoying and forceful salesperson
  5. Merchandise that was placed under the wrong price by the customer.

 Online Store Advantage

You can sit at home and search at your own pace. There is a menu which shows you all the products in the store. There is a drop-down menu menu that offers all products in that department. There is a search box that you can key in the specific products, and it will appear on the screen, including the complete 

 description of the products.

Brick and Mortar Disadvantage

If the products are not displayed clearly and easy to locate. you can walk around in circles looking for a product if there is no salesperson on the floor to assist you. There is always a long lineup to cash out your merchandise.

Online Store Advantage

There are always discounts every month, especially on special holiday We have a monthly deal that starts from 5% to 20%. We do not only wait for a public holiday to have specials in the store. .

All discounts offered to us from the manufacturer are passing on to the customer plus our discount. There is a minimum amount that you have to purchase to obtain these discount. There is no limited amount that you have to purchase, you can buy as many items that please you.

Brick and Mortar Disadvantage

You have to wait on  holiday to have a discount. Sometimes it is only a limited amount that the customer can purchase. You have to travel from store to store to find the best deal. The online store you can stay at home and search the internet, and you will take a few hours, and it will save you on gas.

Online store Advantage

 Shopping online gives you a chance to stay at home and search  the internet that will take you less than an hour to find your product, And it will save you on gas. Product information fully describes the merchandise, mannequin to show how the outfit looks on a person —available sizes. If you are looking for a specific item, key the name in the menu bar, and it will take you directly to the product.







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